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Pharmacy and prescribing

The Lerwick practice works closely with the three town pharmacies.  These are:

  • Boots, Commercial Street.   Tel: 692619
  • WHB Sutherlands, Freefield.  Tel: 693502
  • Laing’s Pharmacy, Kantersted Road. Tel: 692579

There are also community pharmacies in Scalloway and Brae.  The community pharmacies provide the following services:

  • Minor Ailment service, where the pharmacist may be consulted for advice and may provide appropriate medicines free of charge for patients registered with the pharmacy for this service. This avoids the need for an appointment at the health centre and often avoids visits to Accident and Emergency.
  • Public Health service – where healthy living is promoted, as well as smoking cessation advice, emergency hormonal contraception and also advice on weight loss. Other services may also be included.
  • Acute Medication Service for dispensing of prescriptions issued as a once off.
  • Chronic Medication Service. This is a new service which will enable the pharmacist to be more involved in the provision of pharmaceutical care surrounding use of medicines on repeat prescription. It will soon be possible for medicines on repeat prescription to be managed entirely by the pharmacist and by electronic transfer of prescriptions.

The Lerwick practice also has a pharmacist attached to the practice, who works as a prescriber within the practice and  supports the practice doctors in provision of prescribing advice.

Please make sure that you return all unused medicines to the community pharmacy and help reduce waste by only asking for the medicines you need.

Date published: 28th April, 2020
Date last updated: 30th July, 2020